Isle Royale National Park

Isle Royale National Park in Michigan

_AK80320 - Copy
Isle Royal, the least visited National Park
_AK80330 - Copy
Rock Harbor Campground
Fox at Rock Harbor
Boating on Lake Superior, upper peninsula
Rock Harbor Lighthouse
Backpacking on Isle Royale
One of the 30 different kinds of orchids on Isle Royale
Lookout tower on top of Mt. Ojibway
That’s Canada in the distance
We saw 5 moose; one female with twins and two bulls
Camp shelter
Becki napping while the girls are working
Getting sworn in for their Jr. Ranger badge

2 thoughts on “Isle Royale National Park

  1. I was wondering if Becki would be getting tired of all this wonderful sight seeing yet! I think I might need a little decompressing by this point. Keep em coming. Loving it.


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